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2017 - 06 - 27
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Beijing has entered the summer, Beijing's summer is hot and humid season, but also when the car air-conditioned use of the time. Whether it is a bus or a private car, summer can not be separated from ...
2017 - 06 - 27
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Today we come to talk about the formation of odorFirst of all, for everyone to see a flow chartA brief understanding of the principles of refrigeration air conditioningThe next is the "heavy tast...
2017 - 06 - 27
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Break the casseroleSummer really have to drive to open the air conditioning, but also with the temperature soaring there are on the car air-conditioning rumors - no air conditioning on the flame on th...
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Are you rumors about car air conditioning?

2017/6/27 16:11:33

Are you rumors about car air conditioning?

Are you rumors about car air conditioning?


Break the casserole

Summer really have to drive to open the air conditioning, but also with the temperature soaring there are on the car air-conditioning rumors - no air conditioning on the flame on the car harmful, air conditioning temperature is too low will affect fuel consumption, open air conditioning before driving The window put the car in the carcinogenic "benzene gas" ... ... these rumors I do not know is true or false, really affect people blowing air conditioning mood. However, do not get angry, this article will take you to distinguish between right and wrong.

Sitting in his car, blowing air conditioning humming song, in the summer is undoubtedly a pleasure to enjoy. However, with the rapid increase in the frequency of air-conditioning use, the correct use of air-conditioning on the various "advice" is also not to: no air-conditioning on the flame on the car harmful, air conditioning temperature is too low will affect fuel consumption, open the air before the window Put the car in the carcinogenic "benzene gas" ... ... really so? First stop you want to increase the air conditioning temperature of the hand, listen to how professionals say.

Do not turn off the air conditioning will turn off the car?

Harmless to the motor, but easily lead to air conditioning mold and odor

Recently, the online "no air conditioning on the flame is harmful to the car," the discussion can be described as uproar, some people are very considerate, put themselves in the car for the sake of: If you do not turn off the air conditioning, then the next start the moment, start the motor not only to drive Engine, but also to promote air conditioning compressor, load a lot, so that it is not harmful to start the motor, the battery harmful? So they came to the conclusion that air conditioning was not harmful.

In this regard, Tongji University School of Transportation professor, doctoral tutor Zhang wheel that the car's car electronic equipment a lot, they work when the power supply is mainly from the car energy, "but now the car battery quality and automotive equipment All kinds of protective measures than before have greatly improved and improved as long as the car battery capacity is enough, can not say that no air conditioning on the flame must be harmful to the car.

In fact, now the car, down to the economy car, up to the luxury car, have automatic protection device. Economic car is the most obvious, in the start of the moment, the car on the electric moment all the power, air conditioning compressor electromagnetic clutch is also open, it is equivalent to the state of air conditioning off, there is no start load said. Some luxury models in the start of the moment and no power, not that it will not automatically protect, but this luxury cars have more power to maintain the start to consume, you can ensure that the occupants of electricity is not affected, Taking into account the driving experience of the occupants.

However, whether it is economic car or luxury car, if the flame is not closed before the audio-visual equipment, air conditioning and other vehicle equipment, the car starts again, all of these non-closed equipment will automatically run, and the drawbacks of doing so will be energy. Zhang said that this is like a variety of household appliances at home without a separate switch, and share a total switch control is the same reason, the switch is open, light, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning all open, neither economic nor scientific. So he suggested that the first air conditioning and then turn off, and so the next time you need to use the air conditioning and then open the car.

A person who is not willing to name a well-known car prices car air-conditioning official also said that no air conditioning on the car itself no harm to the car itself, but the air conditioning system is a certain impact, because the air conditioning on the air conditioning compressor has been working, So that the surface of the evaporator will have condensate, easy to cause mold and odor, it is recommended to cut off the compressor before stopping, let the ventilation function for a period of time to ensure that the evaporator surface dry. Just like the home air conditioning shut down, the blower will work for a while similar, mainly to wet.

Air conditioning temperature air flow affect fuel consumption?

The impact of air conditioning is not scheduled, variable air conditioning temperature and low fuel consumption

Summer hot and difficult when many people are accustomed to the car temperature is set in a relatively high position, ask the reason, they will say that the car as long as not hot on the line, not too cool, because the air conditioning temperature is low. So, the air conditioning temperature and the size of the wind for the fuel consumption is really affected?

In the wheel view, once the air conditioning to open, increase the power load, certainly increased fuel consumption. "But the car air conditioning temperature control and working principle is not exactly the same as the different models, the current general car air conditioning is rated power output that is scheduled air conditioning, this air conditioning regardless of your tune does not adjust the temperature, the compressor output power are Is rated, that is to say, the regulation of air conditioning temperature has little effect on fuel consumption.

But there are some high-end cars for fuel-efficient use of non-constant output power of the variable row of air conditioning. Similar to the current operating principle of home inverter air conditioner, it can be adjusted automatically according to the temperature of the car, the use of the damper position, the blower air volume and the compressor cooling, the car temperature control in the ideal state, but these functions need to consume energy, The temperature of the air conditioning will affect the fuel consumption. As for the air volume, cooling and fan is two sets of systems, increase the speed of the fan need energy, since the energy consumption, it needs fuel, but this energy is not large.

So, how to distinguish car air conditioning is a row or a row of it? First of all manual air conditioning must be scheduled, automatic air conditioning and a row of two rows. If you press the "A / C" button, listen carefully to hear "da" sound, and there is a more obvious air conditioning compressor to start the noise, and instantaneous speed will be slightly changed. If the air conditioning, the compressor is gradually involved in the work, then there is no such phenomenon.

Open the air before the window to put benzene

Car benzene is not enough to cause cancer, the first window and then open the air conditioning can effectively cool

"In the summer, enter the car do not immediately open the air conditioning, you should first open the window ventilation a few minutes and then open the air conditioning.Because according to the study, car dashboard, seat, air filter will release benzene at high temperatures, which is a carcinogen Toxins, which will greatly increase the risk of cancer. "This car-related air-conditioned, sensational rumors every summer will be very market.

But that people do not mean that it must be correct, or to believe in science, scientists have been tested, there is no scientific evidence to support the car air content of benzene enough to cause cancer.

According to the shell net, Korean researchers have surveyed people in urban areas with longer vehicle commutes (including sedans and buses). They found that the use of vehicles to increase the exposure of a variety of harmful substances, benzene is one of them. But the main factor leading to this situation is the use of oil vehicles, rather than dashboard and other interior components. And the study did not find any link between the exposure of benzene and the incidence of cancer.

German scientists also conducted a related study, they will be the same brand of a new car and a 3 years old car, placed in 14000 watts under the light, so that the temperature rose to 65.6 ℃, and were collected two The gas inside the car. The human culture cells of human and hamsters are then exposed to the extracts of these gases. The results of the gas from the new car did not show toxicity, but caused some minor immune response, the old car is no such phenomenon. Therefore, the researchers concluded that the car's internal air did not find significant health hazards.

In this regard, Zhang wheel also said that the car some of the decorative materials, plastic or chemical fiber parts, there is the possibility of benzene, but in general, high-quality cars are subject to rigorous testing and certification before entering the market, as long as Reliable brand, the user need not worry. But usually in the car during the use of the window should pay attention to ventilation, after all, the car is a relatively small enclosed space, especially in the summer, parked in the sun, doors and windows closed vehicles will produce a greenhouse effect, making the car temperature than the car Much higher than the outside. Open the window for a while to speed up the temperature through the gas exchange, which is more effective than air conditioning cooling alone.

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