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2017 - 06 - 27
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Beijing has entered the summer, Beijing's summer is hot and humid season, but also when the car air-conditioned use of the time. Whether it is a bus or a private car, summer can not be separated from ...
2017 - 06 - 27
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Today we come to talk about the formation of odorFirst of all, for everyone to see a flow chartA brief understanding of the principles of refrigeration air conditioningThe next is the "heavy tast...
2017 - 06 - 27
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Break the casseroleSummer really have to drive to open the air conditioning, but also with the temperature soaring there are on the car air-conditioning rumors - no air conditioning on the flame on th...
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In the plant new energy vehicles Limited


Report on the use of electric air - conditioning for new energy vehicles

I started from 2014 in a variety of new energy electric bus assembly Hefei Carnot Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. production of new energy electric passenger Mou air conditioning, has been supporting more than 1,000 units, the type of electric air conditioning performance to meet my company bus type Sichuan requirements, running in good condition.

In addition to the manipulator, the other components are concentrated in the roof of the overhead assembly, the cold and warm one, to maximize the integration of the air conditioning, one-piece structure, (Refrigeration, heating, dehumidification, decontamination), to provide passengers with a comfortable ride environment. 冋 to avoid the previous use of two sets of devices to achieve the inconvenience of refrigeration and heating.

The air conditioning technology content is higher, the use of frequency conversion technology to control the compressor and fan to achieve air conditioning to different cooling capacity to adapt to different temperature environment, so that energy-saving effect is more significant and improve the energy efficiency. And the product parts of the insulation meet (CJ / T 5008-1993 trolley trolley test method) in the standard requirements. Safe and reliable.

The use of air conditioning so far, Hefei Carnot air conditioning has always been to "customer-centric" to provide efficient and efficient after-sales service, and effectively to ensure the normal use of air conditioning.

Hefei Carnot Carnival Co., Ltd. of the electric bus control to its stable performance, simple operation and maintenance, energy saving bad, low noise, high reliability, fully in line with my company's loading requirements. Thank you very much for the excellent service and thoughtful service.

                                       In the plant new energy vehicles Limited

February 28, 2016

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2017 - 06 - 07
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