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Enterprise strategy: unswervingly develop the main business of the refrigeration pipeline system as the core, vigorously promote the electric drive vehicle air conditioning industry chain; adhere to scientific and technological innovation, grasp all the opportunities, take the diversified development path.

Corporate philosophy: management philosophy: cultural guidance, institutional norms; decision-making science, the implementation of strong.

Marketing concept: close to customers, close to the market, adhere to service marketing.

Financial philosophy: to data service management, to ensure the operation of funds to control to reduce risk.

Quality concept: the quality of enterprises is the capital, the brand of the soul, is to win customers the most effective, most reliable, the most fundamental way; 1% of the quality of the accident may lead to 100% of the market lost.

R & D concept: I have no people, people have my new, new people I pointed.

Kang Sheng slogan: Guan Tong world, sustainable Kangsheng.

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