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HEFEI Carnot Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Kangsheng Co., Ltd. [stock code: 002418], located in Hefei Economic Development Zone. Is a professional engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales of new energy vehicles electric air conditioning, conventional automotive air conditioning, industrial environment cooling equipment and control devices of high-tech enterprises. Registered trademark "CARNOT AIRCON".

The company brings together a number of senior senior air-conditioning R & D personnel, with the domestic first-class automotive air conditioning R & D team. Team members have been involved in R & D and service Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other large city bus, tram air conditioning project, and the successful development and service of the Olympic Games, the World Expo and the Asian Games with new energy vehicles electric air conditioning project experience, can quickly customize the development of customers , The overall ability to support, and the formation of a rigorous scientific design and development system. Development of all products with independent intellectual property rights.

Companies focus on automotive, rail transportation, construction machinery and other vehicles low-carbon technology development, to transport air-conditioning technology as the core, is committed to the power electronics technology, intelligent control technology and automotive air-conditioning technology organic combination of promotion of efficient, energy saving, Heating and cooling of the whole electric drive air conditioning. And Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai University, Central South University and other well-known domestic universities and research institutes to establish a long-term cooperation between production and research to ensure that product R & D design and international HVAC's latest achievements to keep pace. The company in the field of automotive-powered air-conditioning in the international leading level.

Company based on ISO / TS16949: 2009 international standards, strict implementation of the ISO9001: 2008 quality system, adhering to the "leading technology, continuous innovation, excellence, exceed customer requirements," the quality policy, and gradually established in line with the actual company, with its own characteristics of the perfect quality Guarantee system. Through all-round strengthening of quality management, optimization process, the implementation of products, services, continuous improvement, and strive to achieve zero defect products to achieve the goal of quality excellence.

The company's automotive air-conditioning products are conventional power series and pure electric air-conditioning series. Cooling capacity covers 3 ~ 45kW, covering 6-14 meters of various types of models. It has the advantages of high energy efficiency, high safety, environment friendly, low noise, light weight and high reliability. It is the ideal product of new energy vehicle air conditioner under battery control condition.

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